Weapons of Mass Delusion

Yes, Weapons of Mass Delusion. It’s in full effect as a new world is turning, and it is not your world, but someone that thinks they know better. The delusions have worked for centuries to control people.


  • Something that is falsely or delusively believed or propagated.
  • A persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary.
  • The act of tricking or deceiving someone: the state of being deluded.

The above three bullet points pretty well describe the mental state of the world.

The Ignorance factor and Perfect timing

Human ignorance is now collecting its rewards. Of all things stupid, nuclear weapons are at the top of the list. Of all things, and massively ignorant in the demonic world are abortion and destruction of the family. GMO, CO2, and transgender thinking are the whipped cream on these things.

To use nice words, the world had gone completely ape shit! And now is the time to test all this out. Little did all the brainless of the earth know that soon there would not be a world to live in and on. Soon the very air they breathe and the water they drank would become poison. Soon there would be no food or power or medical help or protection from what was coming.

Unaware of any of this they ate their pizza and drank their beer and thought nice thoughts. Deep in their black boxes, they thought they were safe! Soon they would be pulled from their little boxes and they would never be the same!

Yes, it’s perfect timing if you think about it.  For the final grand play to work many things had to take place. First was the population of 7 billion-plus human souls. They were like fat November turkeys ready for the slaughter. Second, the less than 1% needed to get all of their brain-dead followers prepared. There is and has been trillions of dollars and positions of power to those who worship the 1% as their god.

The world was full of these people. Every place one might look they were there. They are there in governments, churches, and places of power. Judges, bankers, and CEOs of large corporations are part of the 1% army. They had been promised huge amounts of power and riches and even eternal human life. Many have been part of abusing young children and were part of human trafficking. It is so bad that most could never even conceive the evil that lived in the hearts and souls of these people.

Now things are looking good for the 1% but not so for the billions that like to eat every day.


What had happened in China, Russia, Germany, and the Middle East in the past will soon pale into insignificance. Most of the world will soon see energy and food problems. All of the agenda is working and paying off as politically the US seemed to be split.

Even the churches are split. No longer are the sheep being taken care of, but sexually abused and jabbed.

The result of the failing churches was legal abortion and the destruction of the family.

Good Job you ?Christian? churches – epic fail as they say.

Things are looking great for the 1%  But still, the US is still standing. But for how much longer? Perhaps on one leg, but things are not looking so good.


But just when something was needed another most marvelous thing took place. The Chinese Wuhan Virus was released on the world. During the Chinese New year, thousands of infected Chinese flew to all parts of the world. You now see the results of this as many have died.

The insanely ignorant humans took this virus and ran with it.

Just shut down everything and crash the American economy. Shut down farms and meat packaging plants, small businesses, and restaurants. Everyone stays at home. Because of no work, many did not make house payments.

It was a field day for the 1%. All this planning was working. The American and world populations fell for it. The world now teetered on oblivion not aware of what the agenda was. Huge amounts of Americans became unemployed. The 1% laughed. But it was still not enough. More damage needed to be done. That damage was and is the vaccine. Millions are now dying from it. They killed off the old, the common man and woman and even better our children. Believe it or not this is still going on and people still don’t get it.

If you have been following things they are getting worse. If you think that 2020, 2021, and 2022 were and are bad, wait for 2023.

But I can tell you from what happened and is happening now, you will see even more agendas and many more delusions in the future. Dennis